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Our Clients and their families enjoy a huge number of benefits from becoming members of our ever-growing family of satisfied clients around the world.

In addition to receiving outstanding service and support during the planning stage, you can continue to receive fantastic benefits from us on an ongoing basis for a small monthly or annual fee.

The level of service that you choose to receive is entirely up to you and each level brings additional benefits to make sure that your planning is always up to date and doing its very best to protect your loved ones.  

- Secure Document Storage -

All of our Members enjoy secure storage of their original documents in our fireproof safes to ensure that they are never lost or damaged at home. They have hard copies for home reference and access to digital copies online for quick and easy reference wherever they are in the world.

As an EPMS Members there is no need to worry as we will take responsibility of their safe custody on your behalf. Only you have access to your Will during your lifetime, and after your death, only your Executors can retrieve them on production of a valid death certificate.

No risk of your Lasting Powers of Attorney falling into the wrong hands and being used without your permission. By storing them with us, they are safe and protected by our anti-abuse policy until they are needed.

Store your other valuable documents with your Will and be sure that everything is safely in one place when you or your Executors need them.

- Registration with the National Will Register -

Members also benefit from having their Will recorded on the National Will Register so that everyone knows where it is when it is needed.

When you make a Will, it’s important that those around you can gain access to it when its needed. Because we register your Will with the National Will Register, your Executors will be able to find out exactly where it is and how to retrieve it when it comes to acting on your behalf even if they have moved without telling us and have lost our contact details over the years.

Thousands of Wills are lost every year, and we receive regular request from other firms who are searching the country on behalf of the family of a deceased relative in attempt to find out where their Will has been left.

As an EMPS Member, you not only have secure storage of your important documents, but also a permanent record on the National Database to ensure that it never becomes lost. 

- Regular Newsletter -

Making a Will is an important and responsible thing to do, but it’s also important to make sure that you keep up to date with changes in the law and have regular reminders of the things that could have an impact on your planning.

As a Member you will receive a regular newsletter keeping you informed of important events including Court Decisions and changes in the Law that we think will interest you.

- Free Annual Updates -

And depending on the level of Membership you choose,  you will be able to enjoy a free review of your planning every year, with a free update as your circumstances change over the years.

Not only does your family benefit from the planning that you have put in place, but they can also receive a family discount when you recommend us to them.

That way all of your family can benefit from the same great planning options that you have put in place. 

- Cash Rewards -

Members also have the opportunity to receive regular cash rewards from us when they recommend us to their friends and family. And why wouldn’t they want everyone they know to benefit from the great solutions we have to offer and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’ve done the very best to protect your family?

Whether you just want to recoup the cost of your own planning, donate your cash rewards to the person you recommend in the form of a discount, or go on to partner with us and earn a second income for yourself as an EPMS Ambassador, we want to reward you for spreading the word about what we can do to help the people that you know.

Our referral fee program offers you the opportunity to receive some of the money that we would otherwise spend on marketing to acquire new clients. We recognise the value of word of mouth and the importance of recommendations from our happy clients. When a client that you have referred to us through our referral program instructs us, you can receive a cash rewards of 10% of the net fee they have paid or opt to give them a 10% discount instead.

- Support for Your Executors -

The role of an Executor can become time-consuming and complicated. It can be particularly stressful for them if you have appointed close family members. If your Executors make a mistake they are personally liable for any financial loss to your estate.

You can choose to simply have your Executors notified of their appointment and let them work things out for themselves when the time comes for them to act, or you can opt for them to receive dedicated help and support from us to guide them through the entire process.

You decide how much or how little support you think they will need.

- Support for Your Attorneys -

There are very strict rules on what your Attorneys can and can’t do on your behalf. It’s very important that they know their rights and responsibilities when they need to act on your behalf. 

If you choose to do more than simply have your Attorneys notified of their appointment, we can guide them in their role and their dealings with the Courts, healthcare providers and financial organisations.

Help them to avoid costly mistakes and to stand up for you and your rights by asking us to guide them in their role. 

You decide how much or how little support you think they will need.